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Count On Us Throughout the Cloud Lifecycle

Expert hands-on guidance to help integrate open source & commercial technology
to enhance agility, reliability and flexibility.

creation & management

Get the best, most appropriate infrastructure as we help you analyze and design the right architecture for your needs.
Customized Infrastructure Blueprint
End-to-End Infrastructure Stewardship
Strategic Infrastructure Choices

Build & modernize applications

Now that the foundations are in place, we help you modernize existing applications and build new ones using cloud native best practices.
Versatile Application Crafting
Enterprise SaaS Advancement
Embrace the Future with Microservices & Containerization

Integrate, Optimize, Save

Once your applications are running on modern infrastructure, we can seamlessly integrate advanced technologies, optimize processes for peak efficiency, and strategically drive cost savings.
Seamless Integration with Kubernetes
Strategic Cost Optimization
Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Expenditure

Cloud managed services

Finally, we help you achieve reliable operations 24/7 as we help you safely upgrade to cloud-native and Kubernetes applications, including any remaining migration to public or private cloud.
Reliable Operations Round-the-Clock
Tailored Cloud Migration
End-to-End Managed Services

Get a complementary Well-Architected assessment and remediation roadmap

Access the highest level of FullStack, DevOps, AWS and Kubernetes expertise as an extension of your team, or through Services or Solutions.
Let's start with a no obligation Well Architected Assessment of your system. We’ll give you a list of detailed remediations with security, stability, scalability and cost reduction in mind.

See how we helped these Silicon Valley startups
and global corporate innovators

Discover how Imantics revolutionized semiconductor fabrication with their IIoT-enabled cloud analytics platform. Learn how real-time equipment health checks improved yields and process uptime. Read the case study now!

Semiconductor Fab: AI-Enhanced Real-time Equipment Health Check

A cloud-based IoT platform for semiconductor device fabrication, utilizing AI-driven analytics to enhance manufacturing automation, predict malfunctions, and optimize yields for large-scale fabs.
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Explore how TetraScience overcame data complexity challenges by implementing AWS solutions, achieving cost savings, enhancing multitenancy, and delivering top-tier services to pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Merck.

TetraScience: Elevating Cloud Multitenancy for Scientific Discovery

Discover how TetraScience leveraged AWS solutions to optimize data handling, enhance security, and achieve substantial cost savings, ensuring top-tier service for life sciences giants like Pfizer and Merck.
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Discover how Origami Logic leverages machine learning to power real-time marketing campaign analytics. Learn how they provide insights into ROI and optimize digital marketing budgets. Read the case study now!

Machine Learning Powers Real-Time Marketing Campaign Analytics

Use data science to precisely measure marketing ROI, ingesting a broad base of source integrations via a flexible data pipeline architecture
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Discover how Gemini Health leveraged cloud technology to simplify prescription drug costs and enhance healthcare transparency.

Gemini Health: Optimizing Prescription Drug Costs with Cloud Modernization

In an era of soaring healthcare costs, Gemini Health, a top benefits management firm, embraced change. Their mission: redefine drug cost transparency. They modernized their application for agility in healthcare.
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Learn how CloudGeometry enabled GE Digital to scale and manage IoT data integration with a resilient SaaS architecture. Explore the benefits of their multi-tenant solution.

SaaS Multitenancy for Putting Industrial Data to Work

Aligning physical and virtual assets drives improved productivity and reliability, optimized maintenance, and operational intelligence – straight to the bottom line
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Learn how CloudGeometry's innovative dashcam technology and real-time object detection are making roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. Explore their journey towards creating a digital twin of cities and optimizing traffic patterns

Revolutionizing Road Safety: CloudGeometry's Real-Time Dashcam Solutions

Discover how CloudGeometry is transforming road safety with cutting-edge dashcam technology and real-time object detection.
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Does your development team have a unified software build and release tool chain as an Internal Developer Platform?

CGDevx is our Platform Engineering Reference Implementation built on well known Open Source products, integrated, tested, and ready to go.
CloudGeometry CNCF Kubernetes Certified Service Provider











Artifacts Store

CloudGeometry supports Harbor CGDevX









CloudGeometry supports Aqua Tracee CGDevX
CloudGeometry supports Kyverno CGDevX

Incident Response







Cost Mgmt

CloudGeometry supports Kubecost CGDevX

CloudGeometry excels in Dev Stack environments & toolchain consolidation for multiple teams

CloudGeometry has a track record of successful engagements, including the establishment of new Dev Stack environments and the consolidation of toolchains used by multiple development teams into a single and reliable development platform.

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Over the past decade, we've acquired deep experience with a broad range of existing CI/CD solutions. That's how we can offer support for alternative toolsets such as GitLab, Jenkins, and HashiCorp technologies. For our enterprise clients, we offer commercial solutions based on the JFrog platform.

CGDevX is open-source. We offer comprehensive support for the platform and its components, managing product updates, bug fixes, handling additional feature requests, and engaging with project committees. Active engagement across the cloud-native ecosystem ensures our clients can quickly ramp up Platform Engineering practices to benefit their existing Dev and DevOps teams.

Get your data, applications, and infrastructure ready for the AI revolution

Get your data, applications, and infrastructure ready for the AI revolution

Take your DevOps practices to the next level with Cloud Native & Platform Engineering

Take your DevOps practices to the next level with Cloud Native & Platform Engineering

Join us at conferences in the US & Europe

CNCF’s flagship conference gathers adopters & technologists from leading OS and cloud native communities (Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, CoreDNS and more) for education and advancement of cloud native computing.
Chicago, US
Nov 6–9, 2023 is a nexus for developers delving into the intricate realm of open source generative AI and machine learning. At the heart of this event is the belief that open source is the engine of innovation in AI. By uniting the brightest developers from around the world, we aim to ignite discussions, foster collaborations, and shape the trajectory of open source AI.
San Jose, California
Dec 12-13, 2023