Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer


About the company

At CloudGeometry, we have embarked on the mission to truly offer top-notch, cloud-first, AI-driven technology solutions to our customers. We are an AWS-advanced consulting partner, CNCF member, and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, part of the AI&Data working group under the Linux Foundation. We work for enterprise US Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups from Silicon Valley to Europe. While working on our projects, you are not going to just disappear from the company radar, as we are all engineering-driven, so do expect a question or request for engagement even from our CEO.

About the role.

You will be joining a team of 6 developers using Vue.js for the frontend side and Python (Django) for the backend side. This is a team that is part of a project, delivering an innovative Adtech platform, leader on the US market. Our team is using Agile methodologies with Scrum and we deploy new features to an ever-growing customer base and propose technical advancements to make the platform more performant and more user-friendly within objectives agreed with the CTO.

Our Tech Stack: 

CloudGeometry’s project is about building complex technical products; therefore, experience or at least familiarity with the following stack is a significant advantage, you will eventually touch all of it.

  • Most of our services are written in Python, Django and REST framework. We are actively moving towards Node.js and Nest.
  • Our front end is written using the Vue.js version 2 framework, with plans to upgrade it in the future.
  • For communication between components we are using Redis, for asynchronous task processing we make use of the celery library.
  • We use MySQL as our database of choice and our teams are really good at it. For advanced search functionality, we are developing an Elasticsearch solution.
  • Almost everything we run is hosted on AWS for optimized data access and easy scalability
  • We use GitHub and GitHub actions to host our repositories and run various pipelines.
  • We strive for full use CI/CD and constantly update our workflow as well as infrastructure to support this

Cloudgeometry Engineering Profile:

We are in search of software engineers who possess a deep passion for technology and an eagerness to tackle complex technical challenges. You have a strong interest in leveraging AI and cutting-edge methodologies to drive efficiency and precision in your work. A strong commitment to the organization's growth and the advancement of its internal ventures is critical. You care about your project, but also about CloudGeometry communities and their development. Sharing best practices with engineering communities across projects is paramount to you. You must demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning, allocating time for acquiring new skills and obtaining certifications to validate your expertise and experience.

Successful candidates typically possess:

  • 2-3 years of experience with Vue.js and Python/Django
  • Experience with Node.js is preferred but not mandatory
  • Familiarity with GraphQL is a plus, while experience with REST APIs is essential
  • Strong skills in MySQL database management
  • Knowledge of authentication and authorization protocols is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team
  • Adaptability to work in a fast-paced environment with frequent meetings and shifting prio
  • Experience working in a Scrum environment 

What we offer:

We are building hyper-growth careers in Cloud Native, AI/ML-centric projects, using the best Silicon Valley practices, anywhere in the world.

  • Remote anywhere
  • Coworking space financial coverage
  • Flexible working hours
  • B2B with multiple benefits 
  • Paid days off annually: 20 days leave, 12 days holidays, 10 days sick leave
  • Workspace program: 2500$ for work equipment of your choice.
  • English language lessons on all levels
  • Performance financial incentives for the people who demonstrate interest in the company’s development.
  • Paid courses and certifications: example AWS, CKA, ML certifications
  • Participation at international conferences: like CNCF Summits, Kubecon, others

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