We are proud to announce that the AWS Partner Network (APN) has certified us as a Designated Service Provider for AWS Database Migration Services. These AWS credentials are challenging to attain, and we’re proud to have earned Amazon’s trust.

AWS Certified Database Migration Service Partners

Database migration is about as fundamental as you can get in making the transition to the cloud platform. We’ve been there and done that again and again, which is why we offer our CloudGeometry AWS Database Migration Service.

The shorthand term ’migration’ connotes straightforward change, like moving into a new apartment. That sells both short the effort and the upside potential, let alone the economics. But sweating the details can really pay off. Google made a big deal of it in acquiring Israeli startup Alooma as new GCP chief Thomas Kurian leans into a new strategy.

Migrating from a colo or from EC2 is not the biggest leap you face. What makes database migration a heavy lift is realigning your data structures — and the application logic that consumes them — to work well in a real modern platform. There is meaningful friction in dealing with differences between SQL vernacular in the source and target. Migration requires a real rethinking of optimizations of table partitioning, schema logic, performance considerations, not to mention ensuring the process doesn’t introduce any corruption into your data. It’s hard to do it right, which is why Oracle has long charged so much money to manage it for you.

The AWS/DMS tool suite tackles these headaches head-on:

  • Automatically manages the deployment, management, and monitoring of all hardware and software needed
  • Scale migration up/down resources as needed to match your actual workload
  • Only pay for AWS DMS resources while you use them, no up-front purchase costs and ongoing maintenance charges you have with traditional licensing models
  • Automatic failover; backup replication server can take over with little or no interruption of service.
  • Fully heterogeneous data migrations between supported engines; migrate from any of the supported data sources to any of the supported data targets.
  • Sources: most popular DBMS engines, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, DB2 LUW, SAP, MongoDB, and Amazon Aurora.
  • Targets: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, and more
  • Ensures data migration is secure; encrypts data at rest as well as in-flight data as it travels from source to target.

Working with CloudGeometry Amazon Certified AWS Database Migration Services gets your data onto the cloud in a way that captures the value of what you’ve already built. We can also help you take advantage of the managed database services provided by Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora. Conversely, if you want to migrate away from old infrastructure but continue to use the same database engine, we also support that process.

CloudGeometry DMS is on the critical path to the feature agility and cost savings that give the cloud platform such enormous advantages. There are some big wins that come with data storage mechanisms on S3, from data-data driven business operations to unlocking the potential ever bigger data via analytics. AWS makes administration overhead of data architecture far more cost-effective. You get the enormous advantages that come from secure multi-tenancy, too.

And there’s this, whether you’re moving off LAMP-on-EC2 or the server rack running your DBMS: migrating saves a ton of money.