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01. CloudGeometry Infrastructure Management: Improve resilience with GitOps

At CloudGeometry, we specialize in GitOps-based infrastructure management solutions, helping you streamline your IT and technology operations, ensuring agility, efficiency, and security. Designed to provide an iterative, holistic approach,  CloudGeometry Infrastructure Management gives you organized and version-controlled changes anchored in a single source of truth – fostering collaboration within your team, enhancing control, and minimizing risks.

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Get control of infrastructure changes
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Simplified configuration
Centralize your infrastructure configurations in a single repository, making it easy to track changes, maintain version control, and ensure consistency across environments
Enhanced collaboration
By using Git as the single source of truth, team members can collaborate, review changes, and provide feedback through pull requests for better communication.
Automated operations
Automated deployment and updates of infrastructure, reducing the need for manual interventions and maintaining the desired state by reconciling any differences between the desired configuration in Git and the actual infrastructure.

02. CloudGeometry Workload Management: deliver better software faster

At the core of DevOps, two things matter most: creating new code and doing it efficiently. CloudGeometry's Workload Management solution helps you prioritize these two needs, making your software development more efficient. Using a combination of open source and commercial tools, we make it possible to automate mundane tasks, improve visibility, and minimize errors.

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Built with best-of-breed open source and commercial technologies.
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Boost efficiency
Streamline tasks and processes so developers can focus on critical coding activities.
Reduce errors
Reduce the likelihood of missteps and oversights, enabling more stable and reliable software builds.
Improve time management
Effectively prioritize tasks, helping to meet deadlines and ensuring timely project completion.
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03. CloudGeometry Observability: Eliminate surprises

Monitoring and Observability are key for developers because they offer immediate insight into the inner workings of applications and systems. CloudGeometry Observability lets you track performance, detect anomalies, troubleshoot issues, and understand the behavior of your systems in real-time.

Better development and operations through better awareness
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Proactive problem-solving
Monitoring and Observability tools help detect anomalies and potential issues early on, allowing developers to fix them before they escalate.
Improved system performance
By providing real-time insights into the performance of your systems, these tools enable you to optimize code and infrastructure for better overall performance.
Enhanced code quality
Through detailed insights into how your code is running in real-time, monitoring and observability tools can highlight areas for optimization, leading to cleaner, more efficient code.

04. CloudGeometry Platform Engineering as a Service: Providing the ideal infrastructure

CloudGeometry Platform Engineering streamlines and optimizes the environment where applications are deployed and run, providing a stable, efficient, and robust infrastructure and enabling developers to concentrate on their primary function — writing code — without being bogged down by operational challenges.

We believe that the best thing that you can do for your developers is provide them with that kind of environment, so we make it our mission to provide a complete Platform Engineering solution for you. We deploy our Platform Engineering implementation, CGDevX, and integrate it with the open source and commercial tools you use every day.

From there, we can provide Platform Engineering support while also training your developers and operators on how to get the most out of CGDevX so that you can have the ideal software development platform for your software supply chain.

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Optimized environment for development
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Focused coding
With platform engineering handling the underlying infrastructure, developers can focus more on coding and less on operational issues.
Platform engineers work to ensure a stable environment for applications to run, which reduces unexpected issues or downtimes.
Platform engineers build systems with scalability in mind, allowing developers to more easily manage growing applications.

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