SaaS Acceleration

SaaS Adoption QuickStart

The faster way to leverage advantages of the SaaS business model to capture customers as you create and deliver more winning features faster.
Challenges and Opportunities
You’ve built software that works. Customers love it. They can’t wait to get their hands on new features. You need SaaS to open the benefits of your platform to new markets — and do it profitably.
Now, can you do it with the software you already have?

SaaS Adoption Solution​

SaaS Boost QuickStart from Cloudgeometry is a packaged service designed to jumpstart your SaaS Migration with momentum that’s both flexible and sustainable. It’s delivered atop AWS SaaS Boost, the open source framework for SaaS Migration designed and released by the AWS SaaS Factory.

You get proven expertise that helps drive both business and technology versatility for software-as-a-service success. Together, we help free up your software developers with a complete migration framework — so they can focus on differentiated features unique to your product, market, and customers.

SaaS Enterprise
Pre-packaged SaaS Enablement Components
Config / Metadata
Provisioning Automation
Configuration security
Billing Events
User Identity
Usage Management
Quota Management
Metrics & Reporting

How it works

By relying on the skills and experience of CloudGeometry’s SaaS architects and cloud engineering experts, you can confidently transform the out-of the box components in AWS SaaS Boost into the improved onboarding, operations, and monetization you need to compete.

Working from your existing application, we configure the essential microservices needed to launch and enable your stack as a SaaS platform. With these foundations in place, you can adapt more rapidly to the changing needs and opportunities presented by your customers and markets.

Assessment, Configuration & Containerization

Following an audit of your application’s runtime components, we’ll package it to manage and run securely with its own VPC, compute resources, exogenous dependencies and extensions, enabling an automated, frictionless experience

Tenant Provisioning and Deployment

Automate and launch each successive set of customers/users in a secure multi tenant environment, with either self-service sign-up flow or standartized admin-managed deployment, complete with scripted onboarding automation and logging.

Operations, Updates and Resource Insights

Built-in single-pane-of-glass that collects customer / user trends and key insights about tenant activity and resource consumption, delivering customer-oriented observability without hand-coding new written-from-scratch instrumentation

SaaS Application Analytics

Ready-to-use metrics architecture streams events into an Amazon Redshift database, so both business and technical teams can create visual analytics & dashboards that expose essentials trends that provide insight into your SaaS application experience.

Metering and Billing

Monetize your SaaS product platform with event-driven billing instrumentation set up for activity tracking, resource consumption and customer account management (default module set up for Stripe; additional options available).

Upgradable SaaS Customizations & Microservices

As you enrich your SaaS product platform features, CloudGeometry experts can help you evolve a more complete cloud-native multi-tenancy model and leverage the economies of shared services via the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

“The success of every SaaS business model relies on versatility – both in delivering value to customers, and in a robust and flexible cloud platform that adapts to market changes. The goal is continuous optimization between your SaaS business model and the architectural foundations you rely on for day-to-day operations.”

David Fishman VP Products and Services
David M Fishman
VP Products and Services, CloudGeometry
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