You likely know Harley-Davidson has represented freedom, adventure, and rebellion to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world for over 100 years. What you may not know is that for decades, they have sourced their air-cooled V-twin engines from S&S Cycle, an expert manufacturer located just up the road in Viola, Wisconsin. By partnering with S&S Cycle, Harley can focus on designing the frames, suspension, styling and branding elements that have made them an icon while knowing their hardware engines are well integrated and will perform as promised. 

Cloud computing and software have certainly been around for less than 100 years. Nevertheless, cloud service partners play a critical role in ensuring the design and the hardware deliver performance, reliability and security are built into a quality finished product that customers can trust. Only the very largest technology companies – typically with thousands of software engineers on their payroll – have the depth and flexibility to do everything in-house (and many rely on service partners in any case). 

For everyone else, be those organizations, governments, NGOs, or commercial enterprises, service partners of all types – gathering at MSP Global – are indispensable. Held at the iconic Nürburgring race track in Germany, MSP Global brings together over 2,500 IT professionals from around the world focused on doing the work of digital transformation. Thus, MSP Global is the premier event for Managed Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers, Managed Security Service Providers and Systems/Software Integrators.

As an expert cloud engineering and software development consultancy, CloudGeometry plays an active role as designers and builders as service partners for leading companies in AdTech, Healthcare/Life Science, Green Energy, and more. Our job is to help our clients more effectively combine the software and the hardware in a way that enables success and gains trust for our clients and their customers. As integrators, we partner with the full range of Managed Service Providers to build your systems and keep them working even as business needs change.

MSP Global is a place to show our expertise and get unbiased expert feedback on our work with platform engineering, application modernization, ML/AI operations, and the range of cloud software engineering services. Platform engineering is a significant focus area for us, as it streamlines developer experience and productivity by providing self-service capabilities backed by reliable automated infrastructure operations. 

As a company rooted in cloud-native technologies, OSS, and AI democratization, there are many reasons that we look forward to engaging with the MSP community at this important event. Based on the insights and connections to be gained, we're even better equipped to help our clients and the MSPs they work with to accelerate digital transformations. 

We welcome the opportunity to have discussions with our team at the conference; a limited number of free passes are still available. I invite you to contact us at the event or online