Accelerate software delivery with enhanced reliability, without requiring wholesale replacement of the DevOps tools you already use

As a a B2B systems integrator specializing in open-source cloud-native technologies, we at CloudGeometry are proud to announced the expansion of our open-source Platform Engineering tool, CGDevX, adding new integration of workload management capabilities. With this improved functionality, CGDevX unlocks the potential of GitOps for DevOps practitioners, enabling teams to manage both infrastructure and application workloads using GitOps principles and practices.

CGDevX provides a comprehensive Platform Engineering reference implementation designed to empower software development teams that want to uplevel their DevOps practices. Built upon a foundation of popular cloud-native open-source tools, CGDevX is designed as a fully functional modular architecture.

With DevOps hitting a complexity wall, CGDevX offers a unified approach to faster, more effective software delivery through the best practices of Platform Engineering. Alexander Ulyanov, CTO, CloudGeometry

This enables teams to embrace Platform Engineering best practices progressively without requiring a wholesale overhaul of their existing DevOps tools and release processes. The result is a streamlined approach to operationalizing GitOps, accelerating software delivery with enhanced reliability, lowering operational costs, and reducing cumulative technical debt. Key capabilities in this release of CGDevX include:

  • Declarative management of application workloads via GitOps
  • Unified dashboards for visualizing infrastructure and workloads  
  • Secure software supply chain using cloud-native workflow
  • Compatibility with any Kubernetes distribution and multiple public clouds

“Open source is the best approach for adopting Platform Engineering since most companies already rely on it for essential components in their CI/CD pipeline,” said George Goldenberg, Chief Operating Officer at B2B clothing rental and logistics platform "It is hard to imagine that a mature development organization with a wide range of workloads to look after would buy a single proprietary platform for their team. The CGDevX modular architecture is a great way to fill continuously emerging gaps in DevOps.”

With DevOps hitting a complexity wall, CGDevX offers a unified approach to faster, more effective software delivery through the best practices of Platform Engineering, said Alexander Ulyanov, CTO of CloudGeometry.  “As systems integrators, we repeatedly see a common set of struggles faced by cloud engineering and application development teams. Based on our experience releasing thousands of cloud workloads via DevOps workstreams for our clients, we have the greatest success with a modular approach rooted in the flexibility of cloud-native open-source.” Ulyanov further said that “CGDevX is an ideal solution to adopting the benefits of GitOps with streamlined Kubernetes-ready tooling for next-level DevOps excellence.”

“As a systems integrator delivering services to technology-driven companies, we've encountered a very broad range of DevOps approaches. Overcoming challenges on the critical path of DevOps is a significant burden on Development and DevOps managers,” said Michael Philip, Founder and CEO of CloudGeometry. “Implementing Platform Engineering best practices based on the best of open source gives our clients the flexibility to adapt it to their own unique workloads and business objectives. When they choose how best to leverage containers, Kubernetes, and the best of technologies in the CNCF open-source landscape, it leaves them free to hire an expert integrator like us, or work directly with other commercial and open source vendors.”

In a move that underscores its commitment to the open-source community and the continuous improvement of software development practices, CloudGeometry plans to submit CGDevX for CNCF Sandbox status in the year ahead. This step aims to foster broader adoption and collaboration within the cloud-native ecosystem, ensuring that CGDevX remains at the forefront of Platform Engineering innovation.

CGDevX is freely available on Github.