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The state of Platform Engineering: where are we now?

Discover key 2023 trends in Platform Engineering from Humanitec's survey. Insights on AI integration, salary differences, job titles, and work patterns...Continue Reading

Announcing CGDevX, the next step forward in Platform Engineering

Discover CGDevX by CloudGeometry, a cutting-edge platform engineering reference implementation. Transform development with automated workflows, CI/CD, and collaboration for efficient, high-quality... Continue Reading

Set Up Cloud Workloads With Metrics You'll Wish You Already Had

Discover the power of CGDevX for Cloud-Native DevOps. Simplify Kubernetes monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana, ensuring enhanced observability and...Continue Reading

From DevOps to GitOps: how Platform Engineering Helps

Discover CGDevX by CloudGeometry—an innovative GitOps solution for cloud-agnostic platform engineering. Streamline DevOps, enhance IaC, and achieve efficient infrastructure...Continue Reading

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