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Nick Chase

AI/ML Practice Director / Senior Director of Product Management
Nick is a developer, educator, and technology specialist with deep experience in Cloud Native Computing as well as AI and Machine Learning. Prior to joining CloudGeometry, Nick built pioneering Internet, cloud, and metaverse applications, and has helped numerous clients adopt Machine Learning applications and workflows. In his previous role at Mirantis as Director of Technical Marketing, Nick focused on educating companies on the best way to use technologies to their advantage. Nick is the former CTO of an advertising agency's Internet arm and the co-founder of a metaverse startup.
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Announcing the CGDevX Cloud Native Application Starter Kit

CGDevX has always been about making things easier and more reliable for developers, and today we're announcing the release of the CGDevX Cloud Application Starter Kit (CNASK).

The Rise of Multimodal AI: OpenAI, Google, Meta blaze a trail to more human interactions

OpenAI, Google, and Meta streaking towards multimodal AI, enabling more human-like interactions and revolutionizing various applications.

How to cut the cost of GPU instances for AI

Delve into the cost analysis of running AI compute resources independently versus utilizing hosted models. Learn about AWS pricing for GPU instances and consider factors like workload scheduling and hardware options.

Hands on: End-to-End MLOps with MLflow and Kubeflow

ICYMI: Nick Chase's tech talk on 'End-to-End MLOps with MLflow and Kubeflow' from the AI.Dev Summit presented by the Linux Foundation.

The European Union sets itself up as AI police

EU's AI Act: A game-changer in global AI regulation, introducing binding rules, transparency in AI usage, and significant fines for...

Announcing CGDevX, the next step forward in Platform Engineering

Discover CGDevX by CloudGeometry, a cutting-edge platform engineering reference implementation. Transform development with automated workflows, CI/CD, and collaboration for efficient, high-quality...

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