CloudGeometry joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as we introduce our new Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint

We are proud to announce that CloudGeometry is officially a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), joining as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. As an expert managed cloud software engineering consultancy and cloud-agnostic open source systems integrator, we bring our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering Kubernetes success using open-source tooling across  AWS, Azure, and GCP environments.

Our recognition as a CNCF member underscores our commitment to Active participation in the cloud-native community by driving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies across diverse industries. We are pleased to formally take a more active role in a thriving ecosystem that fosters innovation and collaboration.

As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, we are pleased to introduce our latest service offering, the Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint. This pragmatic hands-on solution is specifically designed to assist software development organizations in building cloud-native applications rapidly, securely, and with unparalleled versatility, scalability, and reliability.

The Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint is built on our deep expertise in cloud-native solutions and addresses the key challenges faced during the Kubernetes adoption journey. By leveraging our knowledge and best practices honed in real-world engagements, we help software application developers reduce overhead by ensuring well-factored containerization. The goal is to make certain that cloud-ready applications are packaged, secured and validated properly, in support of reusable interoperability, service discovery and resource utilization.

Beyond containerization, our Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint equips operations teams with essential tools and processes for optimizing Kubernetes operations. By leaning in on GitOps and leveraging richer, more transparent automation, we empower operations teams to streamline workflows, enhance observability, and improve resource management. This enables efficient management of Kubernetes clusters at any scale, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

One of the key goals of Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint is its focus on abstracting away operational toil. Through advanced automation, we help replace error-prone manual interventions with automated workflows, eliminating time-consuming and opaque manual tweaks. By reducing the risk of human error and eliminating unnecessary manual efforts, we enable teams to focus on high-value tasks and drive business growth.

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Recognition as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider underscores our commitment to delivering continuously well engineered cloud-native solutions. With our expertise in managed cloud software engineering and extensive experience with Kubernetes and leading cloud platforms, we aim to bring our experience to guide your team through the complexities of their unique cloud-native transformation needs.

In joining CNCF, we look forward to contributing to the vibrant cloud-native ecosystem and collaborating with industry leaders. We believe in the power of open-source technologies and commercial cloud platforms to drive innovation and fuel the growth of the cloud-native community.

To learn more about our Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint and how it can accelerate your organization's cloud-native journey, check out the details and connect with our team of experts.