We’re excited to add new new expert consultancy offerings focused on helping data-driven companies unleash the velocity and power of modern data-centric systems at scale. Our goal for this practice is to make life easier for data scientists and advanced analytics practitioners with services and solutions to consistently enable them to be more productive.

For the last decade, we’ve built big, fast data infrastructure at scale across a range of industries. Through the many iterations of channeling data and weaving together integrations combining data sources for a wide range of applications, we’ve learned a great deal about repeatable patterns that apply across both industry and platform use cases. Learning from these similarities has let us develop flexible, general-purpose pipeline solutions to help you ramp up new data-driven strategies even faster.

These new offerings expand the CloudGeometry expertise portfolio with practices focused on data-driven DevOps needs:

  • Data Engineering Operations delivers continuous support and improvement for your data pipelines. It’s one-stop support and resolution for your data engineering, data quality or DevOps needs
  • Data Science Pipeline Services provides expert services to accelerate data science exploration, discovery and modeling to help keep your data science team moving as a reliable source of continuous agility at scale — to solve business problems faster.
  • Data Integration Services delivers professional integration for modern bigger/faster data, powering a coherent and reliable data supply infrastructure across any mix of streaming, APIs, logs, social media, search, e-commerce, enterprise data, and more.
  • Data Science Pipeline Foundation Solution enables frictionless data-driven business with a well-architected infrastructure designed to adapt to the continuous iteration that data science demands
  • Dataflow Integration Platform enables faster and more productive data movement, to make your analytics lifecycle faster and more productive, by adding end-to-end dataflows & transformation rules in minutes, not weeks, for faster data ROI

With these additions to our CloudGeometry.io cloud operations practice, we are at once deepening and broadening the reach of managed engineering services to help clients solve their most pressing platform challenges in architecture, data and infrastructure operations.

Need to find new ways to make a long story short with your data-driven platform and/or cloud DevOps? We’d be happy to talk about it.