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Announcing the CGDevX Cloud Native Application Starter Kit

CGDevX has always been about making things easier and more reliable for developers, and today we're announcing the release of the CGDevX Cloud Application Starter Kit (CNASK).

How to cut the cost of GPU instances for AI

Delve into the cost analysis of running AI compute resources independently versus utilizing hosted models. Learn about AWS pricing for GPU instances and consider factors like workload scheduling and hardware options.

Code Llama: Empowering Developers with the Power of AI — Part 2 (Using Code Llama directly and with an IDE)

Learn to harness the full potential of Meta's Code Llama in your coding workflow. Explore step-by-step instructions for using Code Llama directly within your favorite IDE and discover the benefits of local and cloud-based setups. Level up your coding game with Code Llama today!

Code Llama: Empowering Developers with the Power of AI — Part 1 (Intro)

Explore how Meta's Code Llama AI tool enhances coding workflows, from code generation to bug identification. Learn how it benefits developers of all levels and its technical superiority over other models...

What is Hugging Face, and how do I use Huggingface.js?

Explore Hugging Face JS, a game-changer for JavaScript developers. Tap into a vast array of pre-trained AI models effortlessly. Elevate your projects with Hugging Face's efficient and...

Hands on: End-to-End MLOps with MLflow and Kubeflow

ICYMI: Nick Chase's tech talk on 'End-to-End MLOps with MLflow and Kubeflow' from the AI.Dev Summit presented by the Linux Foundation.

The European Union sets itself up as AI police

EU's AI Act: A game-changer in global AI regulation, introducing binding rules, transparency in AI usage, and significant fines for...

CloudGeometry Joins the Linux Foundation Data & AI Initiative

CloudGeometry is proud to announce their partnership with the Linux Foundation Data & AI Initiative. Together, they're fostering innovation and…

Cloud Computing and BI through CloudGeometry's Lens

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence (BI) stand out as catalysts for business transformation. CloudGeometry has pioneered the...

Data-Driven Personalized Medicine: Gali Health Case Study

For chronic disease sufferers – often already under medical care – data-driven personalized medicine provides a promising new application for tailored therapies and disease management. Today, the right combination of technology infrastructure, advanced AI technology…

AWS Partner Network endorses CloudGeometry for Amazon Redshift customers (4th award in 4 months)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) has now certified CloudGeometry as a Designated Service Provider for Amazon Redshift, the fastest-growing cloud data Warehouse offering. This recognition is the fourth such...

CloudGeometry now a Certified Service Provider for Lambda Services by AWS

Building our on successful collaboration with a broad spectrum of SaaS companies and corporate innovators, CloudGeometry now been recognized with a certification by AWS APN as a Designated Service Provider for AWS Lambda Services. This added recognition...

Beyond Big Data for Health Care with Data Science Pipelines

By now, the consensus view of Big Data is that bigger doesn’t translate into better. It’s a more subtle irony that in the face of bigger and faster data, data science is still vexingly difficult...

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