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CloudGeometry Joins the Linux Foundation Data & AI Initiative

CloudGeometry is proud to announce their partnership with the Linux Foundation Data & AI Initiative. Together, they're fostering innovation and… Continue Reading

Cloud-native programming isn’t bog-standard easy – yet

CGDevX is your key to cloud-native success! With end-to-end solutions, open-source power, and unwavering security, we simplify cloud-native development...Continue Reading

Cloud Computing and BI through CloudGeometry's Lens

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence (BI) stand out as catalysts for business transformation. CloudGeometry has pioneered the Continue Reading...

Setting up for Success with Cloud Native SDLC

Discover CGDevX's Cloud Native Quick Start Kit—your path to streamlined DevOps. Manage Kubernetes, integrate CI/CD, and elevate cloud-native software delivery...Continue Reading

Data-Driven Personalized Medicine: Gali Health Case Study

For chronic disease sufferers – often already under medical care – data-driven personalized medicine provides a promising new application for tailored therapies and disease management. Today, the right combination of technology infrastructure, advanced AI technology… Continue Reading

Beyond Big Data for Health Care with Data Science Pipelines

By now, the consensus view of Big Data is that bigger doesn’t translate into better. It’s a more subtle irony that in the face of bigger and faster data, data science is still vexingly difficult.… Continue Reading

From DevOps to DataOps

Modern software development runs at a faster pace than ever before. As cloud computing divides winners and losers in the data-driven marketplace, converging applications and their data with the infrastructure they run on makes more… Continue Reading

The Data Science Myth is not about Data Scientists

This is true: big data is cheaper and faster, but harder; data scientists have the skills, and are in great demand. True, but only partially. Yes, data scientists make a huge difference, but if only they have the… Continue Reading

The “Lambda” Architecture for near real-time data processing

The Lambda Architecture is an approach to building stream processing applications on top of MapReduce and near real-time data processing systems. (more…) Continue Reading

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