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Enterprise SaaS Platform for Asset Management and Remote Operations

Almost any piece of industrial equipment today produces its own rich and steady stream of data. Digital diagnostics embedded in devices help with on-site troubleshooting when dispatching a trained local technician. But what about extending… Continue Reading

From DevOps to DataOps

Modern software development runs at a faster pace than ever before. As cloud computing divides winners and losers in the data-driven marketplace, converging applications and their data with the infrastructure they run on makes more… Continue Reading

Hands-on cloud lifecycle virtualization for hands-free automation

The good news about modern virtualization technologies like KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and containers (e.g., LXC) is that you get almost limitless options for spinup and teardown of clusters, machines, networks and so on. That’s also the bad… Continue Reading

How to manage an API lifecycle

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to make decisions quickly; whether it’s a new marketing campaign, a new product enhancement, a new partner portal or an employee productivity app, businesses are competing on speed. What is needed is flexibility. And what better way to do this than… Continue Reading

iPaaS – the way to integrate modern cloud based solutions

Modern businesses are rapidly adapting cloud based services like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow. There are many companies that completely operate from the cloud, or more precise clouds. The benefits of cloud based platforms are clear. But,… Continue Reading

The biggest trends and challenges in SaaS integration

The benefits of SaaS for businesses are quite obvious. With SaaS software you can use everything through a web browser, there is no server room, mainframe, or desktop software to install. This is all seamlessly… Continue Reading

The best practices of building API for your SaaS

The smartest organizations have discovered a set of best practices to design powerful APIs that leverage existing services, to effectively manage those APIs throughout their lifecycle and to scale their deployment across consumers and devices.… Continue Reading

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