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Hands on: End-to-End MLOps with MLflow and Kubeflow

ICYMI: Nick Chase's tech talk on 'End-to-End MLOps with MLflow and Kubeflow' from the AI.Dev Summit presented by the Linux Foundation. ...Continue Reading

Announcing CGDevX, the next step forward in Platform Engineering

Discover CGDevX by CloudGeometry, a cutting-edge platform engineering reference implementation. Transform development with automated workflows, CI/CD, and collaboration for efficient, high-quality... Continue Reading

CloudGeometry Joins the Linux Foundation Data & AI Initiative

CloudGeometry is proud to announce their partnership with the Linux Foundation Data & AI Initiative. Together, they're fostering innovation and… Continue Reading

How we help round the curve to cloud-native success as a CNCF Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

We are proud to announce CloudGeometry is now officially a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), joining as a Kubernetes Certified Service...Continue Reading

AWS Partner Network endorses CloudGeometry for Amazon Redshift customers (4th award in 4 months)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) has now certified CloudGeometry as a Designated Service Provider for Amazon Redshift, the fastest-growing cloud data Warehouse offering. This recognition is the fourth such...Continue Reading

CloudGeometry now a Certified Service Provider for Lambda Services by AWS

Building our on successful collaboration with a broad spectrum of SaaS companies and corporate innovators, CloudGeometry now been recognized with a certification by AWS APN as a Designated Service Provider for AWS Lambda Services. This added recognition...Continue Reading

APN awards CloudGeometry Amazon Kinesis Service Designation for advanced data architectures

The AWS Partner Network (APN) has endorsed ElevationData, the CloudGeometry company specializing in data engineering and data science pipelines, as a Designated Service Provider...Continue Reading

CloudGeometry is now an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

We’re excited to announce that CloudGeometry has been recognized by the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Certified Advanced Consulting partner! Achieving Advanced status required that we meet strict requirements that demonstrate our proven AWS expertise, technical proficiency, and effectiveness… Continue Reading

Introducing our new Data Engineering & Data Science Pipeline Practice Offerings

We’re excited to add new new expert consultancy offerings focused on helping data-driven companies unleash the velocity and power of modern data-centric systems at scale. Our goal for this practice is to make life easier… Continue Reading

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