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David Frenkel

Data Science Team Lead
David Frankel is a highly accomplished Data Scientist with a passion for leading and mentoring teams. As the Data Science Team Lead at CloudGeometry, he leverages his expertise to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and deliver impactful insights that drive business growth.
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How Ethereum Smart Contracts work

Blockchain is a technology of decentralized data storage that provides a high-security level and enables data manipulation occurred within the certain rules. This confidence is ensured by the fact that data array is stored at…

The biggest trends and challenges in SaaS integration

The benefits of SaaS for businesses are quite obvious. With SaaS software you can use everything through a web browser, there is no server room, mainframe, or desktop software to install. This is all seamlessly…

The best practices of building API for your SaaS

The smartest organizations have discovered a set of best practices to design powerful APIs that leverage existing services, to effectively manage those APIs throughout their lifecycle and to scale their deployment across consumers and devices...

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